ESSENTIAL OIL<br /> Terpenes | 10ml

Terpenes | 10ml

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Contains high content of plant terpenes.
CBD: 0.0 mg / 0.0 oz.
Volume: 10 ml


Terpenes essential oil is derived from fresh hemp flowers that have a large amount of plant terpenes. The process is done through steam distillation, that extracts a variety of substances that are beneficial with the unique hemp Flavor & aroma. The product has been analysed and tested for microbiological adequacy and cannabinoid ratio. Organic hemp grown cultivated without pesticides or herbicides. Plants are selected carefully and hand harvested.

Contains : Industrial hemp terpenes (sativa L.) Contains : BETA-CARYOPHYLLENE; ALPHA-PINENE, CARYOPHYLLENE OXIDE, BETA-PINENE, BETA-MYRCENE, OCIMENE, TERPINOLENE, NEROLIDOL, VALENCENE, GERANIOL, BORNEOL, CAMPHENE, LINALOOL, ALPHA-TERPINENE, ALPHA-PHELLADRENE, FENCHOL, EUCALYPTOL(1,8-CONEOLE), DELTA-3-CARENE.ALPHA-BISABOLOL, P-CYMENE, GUAIOL, ISOPULEGOL, ALPHA-HUMULENE .Flowers are hand harvested, naturally dried , produced under GDP & GAP conditions. Once the product is ready its then put through a test in certified & qualified laboratories on residual solvents, heavy metals, microbiological purity and cannabinoid content.